Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Big Changes Coming Soon

I recently signed up for revolution.is, a mailing list that sends out weekly stories of up-and-coming change-makers, people who are changing the world by spending their energy living their passion. I recommend that you sign up, because the story today has inspired me to make a big life change.

Today's story is about Ben Parr, the editor-at-large at Mashable, and how he got to where he is now. The one specific part of his story that had the biggest impact on me was when he talked about how he was getting comfortable with his job and living situation and knew he had to make a change.
"I had always been interested in living in the world’s capital for technology and was tiring of the cold Chicago weather. While discussing my future with a friend, I said, “It’s time for me to change my life. I’m moving to Silicon Valley.”
Decisions are the easy part though. Taking action is far more difficult. Regardless of the fact that I was in a “safe” job and had no immediate prospects in Silicon Valley or San Francisco, I decided that I would move in one month. I gave my employer three weeks notice, took on a weekend editor role for the website I had been writing for occasionally – Mashable, and packed up my truck. With only a few of my things, I trekked over 2000 miles across the U.S. to reach my new home in the Bay."
I am setting a three month deadline for myself. I feel like three months will give me enough time to build up a nest egg, find a job, and prepare for a move. I'm still working out the exact details, but I will be in a new place on my 22nd birthday.

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