Friday, December 9, 2011

FF #5

Gift Couture is a start-up creative wrapping paper company that offers high-quality wrapping paper sets. Here is their cheeseburger set.

These Jasper + Black themed journals are so fantastic. I probably wouldn't use them for their theme, but it'd be fun to keep to-do lists in them.

These Lulu Forst numberings are also really cool. I have a hard time finding rings that I like, but these definitely make the list. I would either get 379 because those are my favorite numbers or 314 for pi because I'm a nerd.

I want all of the notebooks on Toxel's 15 Cool and Unusual Notebooks list. I guess I'm just really into notebooks right now. My favorite off the list is the Triangle Notebook designed by Tan Mavitan.

I will be making this design*sponge DIY vintage postcard calendar for someone this Christmas, and I'll probably also make one for myself. Such a good way to see how your life has changed over the years.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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