Monday, January 16, 2012

Present&Correct Envelope Journals

I didn't notice until my last move, but I have a small problem with saving everything. A few of my boxes consisted completely of ticket stubs and notes and coloring book pages and scraps of paper with things on them that I don't even remember anymore. Some may call it a less severe version of hoarding, but I just call it preserving memories.

Holding on to things that have personal value is important to me, and these envelope journals from Present&Correct make it fun and easy to do. The front of the journal consists of an envelope for each month that you can put any little things you want to keep to remember the month by. The back part of the journal is notebook paper to keep keep any doodles or important notes.

This is a really neat way to keep track of the year, especially if you're like me and would enjoy opening each month and remembering what each item you saved is from. Present&Correct has a lot of awesome products, so do yourself a favor and check out the entire online store.

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