Sunday, January 16, 2011

“What one tip do you use in your own life to bust / breakthrough low expectations?”

Modern Audacity asked this to 18 of today’s most popular bloggers, thought-leaders, and change-agents, and their answers were actually really interesting. This one is my favorites:
“Remove the excess crap from your life. And, no, I’m not just talking about physical crap – although that was a big part of it for us.  It was debt, clutter, fear, societal pressures, low income, conformity. All of these things combined to clog up our life – to create a burden that made it nearly impossible not to have low expectations.

You see, I believe that passionate expectations are at the very core of intentional living. And it’s just so damn hard to live intentionally when every decision, action, or desire is clogged with physical, mental, and emotional crap. Some call this “minimalism”… others “time management” or “simplifying”. I don’t care what you call it, but it’s an important principle. The less crap in your life the easier it is to fully embrace freedom. You gain flexibility. You are able to adapt more quickly and more passionately to your surrounding. Thus, you are more free.
Life doesn’t have to be a routine – in fact, our attempts to make life a routine are often the cause of low expectations. So how did we bust them? We just made it impossible not to bust them. By minimizing the amount of crap in our life, our newfound freedom did the trick itself. We are far from perfect, but high expectations are now common place in our life – and we aren’t turning back anytime soon!”

– Adam Baker,

I definitely make an effort to do this at least once a year, and it’s surprising how much crap can find it’s way back into your life if you don’t stay on top of it. I’ll be doing this extensively over the next five months to prepare for my jump into “the real world”. It’s going to be hard enough to get everything together to move (hopefully across the country), and I really want my life to be together when I do. Less clutter/crap = more positivity = better choices = better life.

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