Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Concrete Steps To Feeling Better About Life

I know I'm no expert on life, but lately I've been making an effort to improve myself and my outlook on things. I want to be a better person and enjoy life to the fullest, and I wanted to share my list of things that have helped me in case there is anyone out there also looking to improve.
  1. Get a better diet
    • Cut out all the fast food and other unhealthy food that you eat.
  2. Exercise.
    • Commit to exercising a few times each week. You'll feel better and eventually look better as well.
  3. Spend less time wasting time.  
    • Spend less time browsing Tumblr, lurking around the internet, napping, and/or watching Netflix when you're bored. Instead, spend that time doing something you're interested in or getting a head start on something.
  4. Have less stuff.
    • Get rid of a lot of the clutter and useless things that you've collected over the years. If you haven't used it in the last 30 days and aren't going to use it in the next 30, you can probably get rid of it.
  5. Maintain a cleaner environment
    • Keep the places you spend a lot of your time cleaner.
  6. Make more ME time.
    • Spend time alone and use it for things that will help your future. Write, create, do whatever you need to to better yourself.
  7. Dress better
    • Take the time to dress better; you'll feel better.
  8. Take vitamins.
    • Take a Vitamin C and multivitamin every morning.
  9. Pursue your interests. 
    • Research some potential interests or careers and then actually try to do those things.
  10. Stop trying to be like everyone else. 
    • Just be yourself instead of trying to be a combination of people you like. It will make you feel less stressed about not living up to someone else's lifestyle.
  11. Stop procrastinating and creating unnecessary stress in your life. 
    • Do things earlier rather than later. All-nighters really aren't that fun, especially when you had plenty of time to get whatever you're working on done early. 
  12. Try harder.  
    • Give everything you do your all. You want your name to be associated with someone who works hard. 
  13. Stay positive.  
    • Positive energy pays off. There's a good quote about not being able to control your situations, but being able to control how you react to them. Try to see the positive in everything. It might be hard at first, but just like anything, after you do it enough it will just become second nature.
If you have any other suggestions for ways to be happier or have a better life, please leave them in the comments! I'd love to hear them.

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