Friday, April 8, 2011

Recommended Watch of the Day

Morgan Spurlock: The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold

While this TED talk pretty much promotes Spurlock's new film 'The Greatest Film Ever Sold', it is still definitely worth the watch. The film and parts of the TED talk show what really goes on in the world of brand marketing. He's a pretty funny guy, so if you have 20 minutes to spare I recommend you spend it watching this video.

One important point that Spurlock brings up is the importance of knowing your brand. If you don't really know your brand, it's going to be difficult to market it. That's one thing that I struggle with a lot. I need to work on identifying what my "brand" is and using it better in real life and online. (Right now it's probably a mix between crazy cat lady, Netflix enthusiast, and over eater.)

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