Friday, October 28, 2011

Introducing The Friday Five

In an effort to force myself to blog more consistently, each week I'm going to post five things that I really like at the moment. Here's hoping it sticks!
Dogs in costumes will always and forever be one of my favorite things. Part of me wants to get a dog just so I can dress it up for Halloween.
(via The Columbus Dispatch)
DIY elbow patches on comfy sweaters. I can't afford sweaters with the elbow patches on them already, so I'll be doing this a lot this season.
(via BizCore)
Wild Berry Zinger tea is so delicious (when you add sugar it tastes kind of like hot jello). I drink tea every morning, so that's a great way to start the day.
Amazing zombie pumpkin carvings made out of the world's largest pumpkin.
(via Nerd Approved)
Really cute embroidery projects. I actually like this entire blog, so if you haven't stopped by Thirty Handmade Days, you should get on that. 
(via Thirty Handmade Days)
Hope everyone has a fantastic Halloweekend! Stay safe! 

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