Friday, November 4, 2011

The Friday Five

I've been busy trying to prepare for a move into my new apartment, so this week's Friday Five is mostly apartment stuff.

This Manchester Media Stand would be a perfect place to keep my albums and record player (which is actually the one shown in this picture)!
(via Urban Outfitters)
 I would love to live in a loft like this. Wood floors and exposed brick <3
(via Tumblr, not sure who took it though)
The Poster List has a ton of great prints that I'd love to buy and frame. This is one of my favorites.
(via The Poster List)
This Henry Sectional is great and after looking for the perfect couch, I have my eye on this one or something very similar to it. 
(via West Elm)
This BBQ Hot Pot is so clever and a great way to disguise a grill if you only want a tiny one. 
(via Snow Home)
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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