Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIWT: Errands Edition

One of the biggest things on my To Do List is to learn how to dress better (read: not like a 16-year-old boy). All of my clothing is really more appropriate for Virginia fall than Ohio beginning of winter, so I need to figure out how to get the looks I want for a price I can afford. Some accountability might also be helpful, so I'm going to try posting some 'what I wore today' posts every once in a while to remember the outfits that I liked.
This one is super basic and still not weather appropriate, but it's laid back and will work for my errands today. As I said, it's not the fanciest, but it's also not a giant hoodie, so we'll chalk it up as a win. I also got new Warby Parker trial glasses that I'm in love with and wearing everywhere. I'll definitely be buying them when the trial is over.

Jacket: American Eagle lightweight military jacket
Shirt: Old Navy v-neck

Jeans: really old and worn out jeans from Alloy
Necklace: Octopus necklace from some store in Virginia Beach
Glasses: Warby Parker - Miles in Amber
Shoes (not pictured): Born black flats

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